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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A drunk driver causes a car accident every 48 seconds....

A drunk driver causes a car accident every 48 seconds....that's over 657,000 accidents a year.

There were 3,812 drivers arrested for DUI in Washington State during the holiday DUI enforcement campaign alone. This number is higher than the previous year.

How do we prevent drunk driving?


Julia said...

Damn, that's sad.
Authorities should do something to stop this and I think the only solution is a permanent license suspension.

This way we'll get rid of dangerous drivers and others that considered to drive under the influence will think twice before getting dunk into their cars.
I can't see another effective solution right now also because I'm very mad that the number of impaired driving Toronto cases increased lately so that means I'm in a continuous danger when I drive my car.

Erin Fred said...

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