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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Train Accidents - Falling through the gap

Railroads, like anybody else, are responsible to maintain the safety of the public. Whether at stations or in rural areas, whether on station platforms or on the tracks, these accidents can be deadly. Sometimes people fall through the gap between the train car and the platform. We recently had a case settle for well over a million dollars when a poor commuter slid through a gap and landed on the ground below the station platform.

Special rules apply for those “working on the railroad”. These cases are called FELA cases and our office handles them.

We welcome you to call our offices anytime and we will help you through the process or at the very least lead you in the right direction.
Daniel P. Buttafuoco

Monday, January 08, 2007

Work Place Accidents

Work place accidents occur everyday and in many instances you may have the right to seek compensation for your injuries in addition to Workers' Compensation benefits. Although you may not be able to bring a personal injury action against your employer, there may be other persons or entities responsible for your accident and we may be able to obtain a settlement from them on your behalf. You should call our office anytime you are injured at work as we will not only assist you in obtaining representation for your Workers' Compensation claim, we will carefully listen to and evaluate the facts surrounding your accident to see if a personal injury claim can be pursued as well. For instance, if you fall on a defective stairway or get injured by a defective elevator we may be able to bring a claim against the building owner and/or manager for your injuries. This would be in addition to your Workers' Compensation benefits. If you work in any of the trades ie: painters,carpenters,electricians,roofers,steamfitters, iron workers,alarm installers, you may be entitled to special protection under the New York State Labor Law which requires that owners and contractors assure that all trades are provided with adequate safety protection. Most workers are NOT provided with the required safety protection and we are able to successfully obtain large settlements from the insurance companies for the owner and general contractor. We have handled many of these cases with tremendous results as can be seen in our Verdicts and Settlements section on this site. However, each case is very fact specific so please call our office to discuss your accident so we can make a proper determination. Injuries sustained on any construction site or while performing repairs, alterations, installations and demolition are covered under the Labor Law, there is also a special section just for window washers so please call us to see if we can help you.

Daniel P. Buttafuoco